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Breast Cancer News Roundup for July


Hi Everyone! There's been a lot going on in the breast cancer community as of late. In case you missed it, here are some highlights from the last few weeks - let us know what else is going on that we may have missed!

Google Science Fair: Winners tackle Breast Cancer, Hearing Loss, and Water Quality: 17 year old Brittany Wenger took 1st place for her computer program which is 99% successful in detecting malignant tumors in samples of a traditionally less painful but also less conclusive form of biopsy.

Natural Product Found in Sea Sponges Shows Promise in Preventing Cancer-Induced Muscle Wasting: This project, funded by the Canadian Cancer Society may have found a treatment for Cachexia, a muscle wasting disorder that affects half of all cancer patients. There has been no successful treatment to date.

Pool to Allow Breast Cancer Survivor to Swim Topless: Jodi Jaceks, a breast cancer survivor whose breasts were surgically removed, protested after she was told she could not swim topless in the public pool. Bathing suits are too tight and are painful to wear. The pool reversed its decision to allow her to do so during adult swim, and she is working to get the privilege extended to other breast cancer survivors who have undergone breast removal surgery.

 Why Having a Large Baby May Raise Your Risk of Breast Cancer: Women who have a history of delivering high birth weight babies (over 8.25 pounds or in the top 5th of birth weight) show an increased risk of developing breast cancer. While birth weight is a difficult thing to control, adjusting your life style to control other risk factors is an important step to take.

Woman Rowing for Breast Cancer Survivors is Sexually Assaulted, Vows to Continue Journey: Jenn Gibbons, co-founder of a rowing team for breast cancer survivors, is rowing a 1500 mile solo trip around Lake Michigan to raise money for new boats for the team. She was sexually assaulted at one of her camp sites by a suspect who is still at large. As tragic and difficult as this time is for Gibbons, she has decided to continue her trip with company.  


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