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Crunch the Numbers - Prevent Cancer


By now it’s probably old news that we can do a lot to prevent the development of cancer in our breasts, our skin, our bones, and almost everywhere else in our bodies. It’s awesome to know we have so much power over our health, but sometimes it can be a little intimidating. Where do we begin? What do we stop doing, what do we start?  Do we just need a new breakfast plan, or do we need a whole new lifestyle? All the details can be pretty discouraging and might lead us away from making positive changes. But don’t worry, the American Cancer Society can help! They’ve developed some simple tools to help you get a handle on your health and some simple steps to take to improve your health. Let’s get started!

Body Mass Index: This number is commonly used to judge whether your weight is healthy – Find yours here

Calorie Counter: Want to maintain your healthy weight or lose some pounds to get to a healthier  number? Find out how many calories you need to consume or burn to maintain or lose weight here

Exercise Calculator: Want to get moving to help you keep your calories in check? Find out how many calories are burned by a lot of typical everyday activities and exercise routines here.

So how did you measure up? Are you in a good place, do you need to make some changes? Hopefully these tools from the American Cancer Society will help you get a sense of what kinds of alterations you can make to keep up your good habits or introduce some new ones. Remember, over 570,000 cancer deaths each year could have been prevented with a healthy diet, exercise, and by curbing obesity.

What are you going to do to keep your body cancer free? Leave a comment and let us know.

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