Springing To Life


This post was written by a good friend of The Pink Cart Team, Cathy. She wanted to share her experience of the benefits of running both socially and for her health. 

It’s finally spring (well actually it feels like summer) in our part of the world and that brings us outdoors to start getting more active and involved with our neighbors.  I started running with my friend Lori back in November.  She has talked me into doing a 10k with her in May and while I persevere in my training I mostly feel like I have a piano on my back while I’m running (or is it jogging?).  It’s the social aspect of running with my friend that keeps me going. I was surprised at how social and supportive other runners and the running community can be. I had always thought of it as a solitary sport.

Research and common sense tells us how critical exercise is in breast cancer survival rates.  Being a cancer survivor I know that eating right and exercise are important but more importantly, setting a goal to run or walk a race can motivate us to get up off the couch and ultimately provide a sense of accomplishment which empowers us to do more in our lives.  The research also tells us that being part of a social group is critical to health and long life.  If competing in a race isn’t for you, try volunteering with a local road race or triathlon with their built in social networks. I plan 

So find a running/biking/walking partner and get going this spring!to help with the Grand Rapids Triathlon in June. Consider helping out with a local Relay for Life or with a 5k that benefits a cause that is important to you.

March 20, 2012 - 04:46 PM
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