Pink Cart Nail Art

Since 2009 Cascade Cart Solutions has offered The Pink Cart, a curbside, roll-out cart for residential garbage and recycling collection. With every sale of The Pink Cart, $5 is donated to the American Cancer Society's or Canadian Cancer Society's breast cancer awareness initiatives. Over six years, we have rolled more than 126,000 Pink Carts to curbs across the nation, raising over $580,000 for the cause.

During the years we have had an absolutely overwhelming response to the program, with people EVERYWHERE across the country wanting to participate. Many times we've found ourselves having to turn some of you away, simply because your local collection company (or "hauler") didn’t provide The Pink Cart or some couldn’t afford to purchase a cart on their own.  

We are always so overwhelmed with the enthusiasm you all show in wanting to participate in The Pink Cart program, and we certainly continue to explore many avenues beyond your local haulers and those participating national distributors to try to get The Pink Carts to all of you! Unfortunately, those routes still prove to be difficult six years on.

But we're not a team to be swayed! We're always looking for a way to further the impact of The Pink Cart program, and in 2015 & 2016 we provided an opportuntiy for more of YOU to become Pink Cart Champions!

September thru October we teamed with cosmetic brand Native War Paints to bring you The Pink Cart Nail Art collection. This collection included 3 full size PINK nail polishes and... a MINI PINK CART. The package sold for $25 plus shipping and with every purchase $3 went to the American Cancer Society!

The 2015 nail polish trio included:

- Fight, a bright pink jelly with red shimmer
- Conquer, a pink micro glitter
- Inspire, a pink crelly filled with matte, metallic and holographic micro glitter

The 2016 nail polish trio included:

Warrior, a neon pink with turquoise shimmer
Survivor, a pink jelly filled with matte, metallic, and holographic glitter
Brave, a pink crelly filled with gold flakies and blue shimmer

Partnerships like this are a simple way we hope to raise even more awareness for not only The Pink Cart program, but the amazing resources offered by the American and Canadian Cancer Societies. We were beyond thrilled to raise additional funds for the American Cancer Society in both 2015 & 2016, and look forward to future opportunities to partner with like-minded organizations like Native War Paints!

For breast cancer awareness month we asked all of you to get your #PinkCartNailArt collection and turn IG and FB feeds PINK all throughout October! Follow The Pink Cart on Instagram @thepinkcarttm. Use the following hashtags to follow the campaign:


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2016 Collection    2016 Swatches