About The Pink Cart

About The Pink Cart

Pink Cart Street

Kick Cancer to the Curb

It’s time to kick breast cancer to the curb - and The Pink Cart can help! Every time a Pink Cart is purchased, Cascade Cart Solutions contributes $5 of the cost of each Pink Cart to American Cancer Society breast cancer initiatives in the U.S. and Canadian Cancer Society breast cancer research in Canada. It’s part of our effort to help both the American Cancer Society ® and the Canadian Cancer Society® raise awareness and funding to fight a disease that affects 1 in 8 women in North America — in honor of the many wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, and friends who are affected by breast cancer.Today, we’re encouraging waste and recycle haulers, cities, and municipal services to lend a hand by offering The Pink Cart in the 35-, 64-, and 96-Gallon sizes directly to their customers. Each cart bears the ribbon emblem and a custom in-molded lid label with cancer-fighting resources and information on how to maintain good breast health so every time you roll your Pink Cart to the curb, you're reminded to be aware and proactive in keeping you and your loved ones cancer free.

Join us in our quest to kick breast cancer to the curb! Don't have Pink Carts in your area? Find the tools to bring your hauler on-board here.

Our Impact

When we started The Pink Cart program, we didn't know what to expect. We hoped we would sell a couple thousand carts and just 'get people talking'. Ten Years and 150,000 Pink Carts later, we are thrilled with the program's success in the United States and Canada and are proud that 100% of the funds raised support the American or Canadian Cancer Society breast cancer initiatives both locally and nationally.

We've also been inspired by our customers, the haulers who have started additional fundraising programs to benefit not only the Cancer Societies but also independent cancer charities in their local communities. Check out our October 2018 video blog series to learn more about just a few of these stellar local programs.

The money is important, and it does a lot of good in both the U.S. and Canada. But Pink Carts do more than just raise money, they really do get people talking about breast cancer. And we've learned that raising awareness can be even more powerful in the fight against this disease. Since the program launched, we've heard from countless Pink Cart owners and supporters about the power of The Pink Cart to draw people together who rarely talk to each other.

The American Cancer Society does not endorse any product or service.

Breast Cancer Advocacy

Have you ever presented an issue to a school board, registered voters, or worked on a campaign? Do you have a passion for politics or improving the lives of people in your community? Then you might find your calling by working with the advocacy groups in Canada and the U.S.  Whether you build support for legislation, fight against threats to public health, or promote better nutrition in public schools, you will help reduce your friends’ families’ and neighbors’ risk of developing cancer.

Your local cancer organizations run several fundraising events throughout the year. Run a race or take a walk – whichever sounds best to you, American Cancer Society has an event that will fit your preference.

Your local cancer organizations have events, services, and day-to-day needs that they would love your help with!

If spare time is hard to come by, monetary donations are another great way to give back. Extra funds help the organizations manage unforeseen expenses like increased utility bills or maintenance work.

Are your resources limited? No problem, there are still plenty of ways you can make an impact. Get your employer involved, donate airline miles, used cars, or turn online auctions into donations!