Curb Cancer

Curb Cancer

Curb Cancer with Pink Carts

It’s time to kick breast cancer to the curb - and The Pink Cart can help! Every time a Pink Cart is purchased, Cascade Cart Solutions contributes $5 of the cost of each Pink Cart to American Cancer Society breast cancer initiatives in the U.S. and Canadian Cancer Society breast cancer research in Canada. It’s part of our effort to help both the American Cancer Society ® and the Canadian Cancer Society® raise awareness and funding to fight a disease that affects 1 in 8 women in North America — in honor of the many wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, and friends who are affected by breast cancer.

Cascade Cart Solutions is an industry leader in designing, developing, and manufacturing a wide range of innovative residential and commercial products for solid waste and recycling collection. We’re a division of Cascade Engineering founded in 1973 with a belief that a business can and should be profitable as well as socially and environmentally responsible. Over the years, this philosophy has transformed into a commitment to achieve a sustainable enterprise with specific financial, social, and environmental goals. We realize that our actions today impact the world of tomorrow, and – uniquely – as a private company – we have a special opportunity to demonstrate this commitment in our daily work. The Pink Cart project is an illustration of that commitment. 

The Pink Cart provides Cascade the perfect opportunity to use our corporate resources to do more. More for women. More for our customers. More for our communities.

The idea for The Pink Cart had its origins in a special-order request from a customer in New York. Would we, they asked, produce a dozen or so rolling refuse carts in bright pink for use in a breast cancer event. Delighted to help, we put together a special production run for this special cause. Not long after, a local high school football team decided to paint their town pink to honor cancer survivors—and we responded with another run of pink garbage containers. Soon the hot pink trash bins were a hot commodity. Employees and friends asked if they, too, could get one to show their support for a cure, which is when Vice President, Jo-Anne Perkins, inspired by her personal connection to breast cancer, realized we had the opportunity to make a big impact. And The Pink Cart program was born.

Today, we’re encouraging waste and recycle haulers, cities, and municipal services to lend a hand by offering The Pink Cart in the 35-, 64-, and 96-Gallon sizes directly to their customers. Each cart bears the ribbon emblem and a custom in-molded lid label with cancer-fighting resources and information on how to maintain good breast health so every time you roll your Pink Cart to the curb, you're reminded to be aware and proactive in keeping you and your loved ones cancer free. 

Join us in our quest to kick breast cancer to the curb! Don't have Pink Carts in your area? Find the tools to bring your hauler on-board here.