Our Impact

Our Impact

Pink Cart Contributions

When we started The Pink Cart program, we didn't know what to expect. We hoped we would sell a couple thousand carts and just 'get people talking'. Over nine years later, we are thrilled with the program's success in the United States and Canada and are proud that 100% of the funds raised support the American or Canadian Cancer Society breast cancer initiatives both locally and nationally. 

We've also been inspired by our customers, the haulers who have started additional fundraising programs to benefit not only the Cancer Societies but also independent cancer charities in their local communities. Much more money has been raised to support women and their families experiencing breast cancer than what we had expected, and we are ecstatic! Check out our October 2018 video blog series to learn more about just a few of these stellar local programs.

The money is important, and it does a lot of good in both the U.S. and Canada. But Pink Carts do more than just raise money, they really do get people talking about breast cancer. And we've learned that raising awareness can be even more powerful in the fight against this disease. Healthy lifestyles, regular breast health screenings, early detection, knowledge, and access to treatment and support services mean the difference between winning the battle and losing - and you can't spread that information without a conversation. Since the program launched, we've heard from countless Pink Cart owners and supporters about the power of The Pink Cart to draw people together who rarely talk to each other, neighbors, passers-by, co-workers, and open the door for conversation. Conversations that have led to getting rides to treatment, finding financial resources to aid them and their families, and sometimes being the final push a woman needed to call her doctor and schedule a mammogram - conversations that have helped save lives.

With over 145,000 Pink Carts on curbs across North America and over $677,000 in funds raised so far, we can't wait to see where The Pink Cart program will take us.

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