Ashley's Story - Diagnosed with Breast Cancer While Pregnant

Ashley's Story - Diagnosed with Breast Cancer While Pregnant

Ashley and her husband, Scott, have been faced with many obstacles over the last three years, but nothing could have prepared them for the trials 2013 would bring.

It all started for Ashley when she was injured at work in 2011; she fell and broke her ankle which caused her and Scott to fall into financial distress because she was unable to work, and workers compensation wasn’t following through with their obligations. This injury has left Ashley with permanent loss of partial motion, and severe nerve pain that may never subside.

Throughout the injury and while Ashley was staying at home the young couple were trying to become pregnant, and after months of no luck they sought the help of professionals, which ultimately left them with little hope, as Ashley was advised that she would never be able to get pregnant.

But, finally in the beginning of 2013, at the age of 25 Ashley discovered that she was in fact pregnant. This news brought their family so much excitement and hope for their now growing family; but sadly Ashley’s pregnancy quickly turned very scary for herself, her family, and everyone who loves her as she was diagnosed with breast cancer while still in her first trimester of pregnancy.

The cancer was active in her left breast, muscle, and lymph nodes. The doctors at Moffit Cancer Center advised Ashley that she would have to undergo surgery in May 2013. As May was quickly approaching Ashley’s belly continued to grow, and her baby was developing on gestation track. Ashley and Scott learned that they would be welcoming a baby boy into their home, which was exciting for the both of them, especially Scott as he would now be able to pass the family name down to another generation; Scott Gregory Boothe III. As baby excitement continued to grow, so did the reality that Ashley would now be preparing for surgery-which would consist of a total Radical Modified Mastectomy of the left side that included taking all breast tissue, muscle, nipple, and lymph nodes.

Thankfully Ashley’s surgery was a success, which meant she was one step closer to truly beginning her treatment. After 10 weeks of recovery she was able to begin Chemotherapy which began in July 2013; but because it is very rare for women to develop breast cancer during pregnancy her doctors had to choose a chemo that they knew would not be harmful to baby Scott. She has been given another dose of chemotherapy every three weeks for the past two months, but unfortunately Ashley is unaware if the chemo has been working, or if her cancer has spread anywhere else. To ensure the health of both Ashley and baby, their doctors had to make an act on what they knew to be the most beneficial for the both of them. So, at 32 weeks gestation on October 4, 2013 Ashley will be induced and deliver her little boy. Since this is considered premature, Ashley has begun Scott’s series of steroid shots for faster lung development.

Upon delivery little Scott will be placed in the NICU until he would have been 36 weeks gestation or becomes 5 pounds, and is continuously progressing in his daily abilities. Meanwhile, while Ashley is recovering from giving birth she will also be tested for the spread of her cancer, and the strength of her chemo will be increased. Upon completion of chemo, she will undergo radiation, and then following that she will undergo another surgery resulting in a full mastectomy.

Dealing with the treatment of cancer is tragic for everyone, but all while trying to carry a baby, and then raise him during the most hectic time of cancer treatment has and will continue to be very trying for Ashley, Scott, and everyone around the two of them. Luckily, there are many coming together in their time of need, and raising money through a “Kicking Cancer for Ashley” fundraising support to help keep their medical bills to a minimum, their house to feel like home, keeping up with everything their son needs, and attempt to keep their stress level as minute as possible. Ashley has remained positive in all aspects of her hardships, and her remission is vital to everyone whom loves her, but most importantly to her little boy when he needs his Mommy most. Ashley deserves to be focusing on the light tomorrow will shed on her, not the debt of the past year. She has a heart of gold, and is the most deserving, caring, and loving young woman I know; but being all of that doesn’t help the financial, emotional, or physical distress cancer creates.

Thank you in your support, God bless!

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