Cassie's Story - A Blessed Journey

Cassie's Story - A Blessed Journey

It’s been more of a blessed journey than a difficult one as so many others testify too. I was diagnosed with breast cancer almost a year ago. I don't know about the timing, it would have been bad news at anytime, as my life was in the middle of a serious cluster...stuff. I had been attending school part-time and was also unemployed and the bills were everywhere.

On top of that, my teenage son and I were not getting along. The most interesting thing going on was that I was in the middle of a new relationship with a new man. Eventually, the doctor called with the bad news and I took it hard. Is there any other way really? I mean seriously? I cocooned myself for a few days and cried like a baby, feeling sorry for myself and praying for the universe to just go ahead and be done with me. I was almost afraid to tell anyone. I finally got around to telling my family and some of my dear friends and was positively shocked with the amount of out pouring of love from them. To this day it still amazes me.

Within a flash I had been shuffled off to different doctors and then into surgery. I then started weekly chemo treatments and was amazed at how quickly it had all happened. But soon enough I was fully basking in the magical love I had been receiving from all my friends, family and the new man in my life.

Now months later, I’ve lost my hair, gained some weight and have a funny looking new breast (along with an insanely flat stomach!) I wear wigs, put on make-up and still like to slip on my ruby red high heels every chance I get. The most delightful part of this journey is that I have a deeper understanding of what it means to love others and an undying thankfulness and gratefulness to all those who touched my life in the most surprising and unusual ways and my hope is to be a part of bringing that light and understanding of love to others!

Cassie L.