Claudia's Story - I Knew I Wasn't Going To Die

Claudia's Story - I Knew I Wasn't Going To Die

In 1988 when I was 32 years old I was diagnosed with breast cancer for the first time.  I did my 6 months of Chemo and followed all the rules laid out by my Doctor. 4 years later I had a recurrence.

I was very angry with everyone.  How could this be happening to me?  I did everything I was told to do and yet I have cancer again.  This time I did radiation for 6 weeks.  I also went to a BIG CANCER HOSPITAL in NYC to see if there was anything they could do for me.  They started me on some chemo and 3 months later told me there was nothing more they could do and I should go home and get my affairs in order.  I was 37 with 3 teenage boys. Again I was very angry  that I was given this prognosis.  That was in January of 1993.  That May I was taking a walk in my neighborhood.  It was a BEAUTIFUL blue sky day.  I remember a feeling of quiet peace come over me and I knew right then I was not going to die.

Well it is now 2011...I have had breast cancer 1 more time with bone metastasis and I am Still Standing....I have 7 grandchildren and 2 lovely daughter-in-laws.  I got to dance with my sons on their wedding days.  God is Good...

When we moved to Wilmington, NC from New Jersey in 2008 I became involed with the American Cancer Society.  We started the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk here in 2009.  This will be our 3rd year.  I had walked in New Jersey for more than 10 years.  It is wonderful to see the lovely breast cancer survivors I have met here through this walk. I have been truly blessed to have loving family and friends with me on my journey.  I will be 56 in 2 months and I look forward to many more years walking for Making Strides. Thank you, Pink Cart for your dedication to Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk.