Robin's Story: My Mom, My Hero

Robin's Story: My Mom, My Hero

My strength and courage, came from my Mom.
I’ll never forget that fateful day.
When my sister, Mom and me heard the doctor said, we have bad news, the tests are in.
I suddenly lost my happy grin. My beautiful Mom had breast cancer.

They said don’t fret, but to no avail
We will get through this..we will not fail
There is no choice, we must stand tall
And beat this thing, once and for all.

Three months had passed and my Mom"s weak, tired body, her soul so bleak.
She knew she would get through this that I know
But at this moment, it does not show
And she pretended for a moment that she did not care.
Some days she just wanted it to go away. 

I always knew right from the start
She would prevail…for I’ve got heart
They said don’t fret…what did they know
I knew God and prayers would be there for my Mom.

Mom fought this beast and now has won
Thank you mommy…I love you very much.
I don’t know what I would have done
For it was all or merely none

She's shown such strength and through it all
She never wavered,
She stood so tall and made it through, from there to here
All because of a wing and a prayer