Some say Pink Trash Can; Some say Pink Cart

Some say Pink Trash Can; Some say Pink Cart

Some say Pink Cart; some say Pink Can.

What do YOU call it? It has wheels and it rolls, so some say it’s a Pink Cart. But you can keep lots of things in it, so others say it’s a Pink Can. And then there’s the point that the primary use of the Pink Cart is as a trash can, refuse can or recycles can, so …

Just think of what a Pink Can can do.

Let’s focus on that word “can.” You know it can hold, tote, store and haul. But the biggest “can” of all is this: call it a Pink Cart or a Pink Can; either way it can help fund the research that finds the cure for breast cancer, a cure that can save the lives of 41,000 women each year. [1]

You can help with a Pink Can.

Purchase a Pink Cart through your contracted trash hauler. The manufacturer, Cascade Cart Solutions, will give $5.00 to the American Cancer Society for every cart sold. The ACS will use it to help fund go to breast cancer awareness programs,[2] committing $118.1 million to explore causes, treatments and, someday, cures.

Pink Can, Pink Cart – no matter what you call it, call it yours. Remember, the best answer to the question, “Can we find better treatment and a cure for breast cancer?” is: “We CAN.”

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