We're Thankful for Pink Trash Carts

We're Thankful for Pink Trash Carts

Thanksgiving is the day when everyone is supposed to gather together with family, friends and the people who mean the most to them to express their "thanks" for all the wonderful things in their lives. Sometimes people take turns telling everyone what they're thankful for and the list usually includes family members, their job, pets, and their health. This year, we're adding something different to the mix. When it's our turn, you can bet that every member of The Pink Cart team is going to say "We're thankful for Pink Trash Carts!"

In this first year of working on Pink Cart, we've heard from so many women who have survived, who are fighting, and who are newly diagnosed with breast cancer. You have shared your stories with us, and several of you have shared your stories on our blog or on our facebook page to offer your strength to the women and their families who are coping with this disease. We've watched these pink trash carts roll out to an ever-growing area of the country and we've seen this incredible community of supporters grow by leaps and bounds. Your stories, comments, and engagement have shown us how truly important the fight against breast cancer is, and how fiercely committed you are to being a part of it.

We are approaching a milestone of having sold 20,000 Pink Carts in the U.S., representing a $100,000 donation to the American Cancer Society to support breast cancer awareness. In November, we launched the Pink Cart program in Canada where $5 from each cart sold will be donated to the Canadian Cancer Society to fund important research to help us find a cure for this devastating disease. We are humbled at the impact we have had so far, and are grateful that our little brainchild has helped to raise awareness of the importance of regular breast health screenings and early detection which will save lives in hundreds of communities. The women and men who have survived, who are fighting, who we have lost, and all of you who are a part of our Pink Cart community continue to inspire us to do more.

So as you gather in the kitchen, in front of the TV, and around the table, give thanks for those women and men you hold dear. Give thanks for the people fighting breast cancer who show us how to have strength and faith against difficult odds. Give thanks for the survivors who show us that victory is possible. And give thanks for the brave ones we lost to the disease who continue to remind us that we have to fight for improved methods of detection, for better treatment options, and most importantly for a cure. Today, we on The Pink Cart team are giving thanks for everyone who has been impacted by breast cancer that fights for a cure, for our American and Canadian Cancer Society partners, for the haulers, distributors and retailers that support us, and for all of you who show your support by rolling a pink trash cart to the curb each week. We're proud to be fighting with you!

Tell us who you are giving thanks for this year and why by leaving a comment on this blog post. We hope you and yours have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!