Breast Cancer Advocacy

Breast Cancer Advocacy


Have you ever presented an issue to a school board, registered voters, or worked on a campaign? Do you have a passion for politics or improving the lives of people in your community? Then you might find your calling by working with the advocacy groups in Canada and the U.S. Whether you build support for legislation, fight against threats to public health, or promote better nutrition in public schools, you will help reduce your friends’ families’ and neighbors’ risk of developing cancer.

Advocate in Canada             Advocate in the U.S.


Your local cancer organizations run several fundraising events throughout the year. Run a race or take a walk – whichever sounds best to you, the Canadian and American Cancer Societies have an event that will fit your preference. Join a team and Relay for Life or commit to Making Strides Against Breast Cancer in the U.S, or Take Steps Against Breast Cancer in Canada. Sell flowers during Daffodil Days or decrease your cancer risk by putting your health first with Choose You. Do you like to Golf? They’ve got that too. If you feel like getting gussied up and having a night out on the town, there’s a benefit or gala you can go to and support individuals experiencing breast and other cancers in your community. Check out the events in your area and get involved!

Get Involved in Canada        Get Involved in the U.S.


Your local cancer organizations have events, services, and day-to-day needs that they would love your help with! Whether you would like to hand out water at a Relay for Life run, man a registration table at a fundraiser, serve as a community representative, lend a hand to patients in support programs,  or lead education efforts, there are endless opportunities for you to give back.

Volunteer in Canada            Volunteer in the U.S.


If spare time is hard to come by, monetary donations are another great way to give back. Extra funds help the organizations manage unforeseen expenses like increased utility bills or maintenance work. They can make it possible to bring on another staff person to make fundraising events more successful, or bring greater awareness to the community. They can also help to expand programs for patients and their families to receive reduced cost treatment, lodging, support services, or take part in research and experimental treatments.

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Are your resources limited? No problem, there are still plenty of ways you can make an impact. Make an effort to get your employer involved through a corporate sponsorship or other donations. Donate airline miles, used cars, or turn online auctions into donations! Your local cancer organizations are ready and willing to help you find a way to support important and necessary programs in your community.

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