How can I share my photos?

How can I share my photos?

08-06-2018 --

Sharing is easy, so send us your best Pink Cart pics! When it comes to people in the photo, there’s just one request: no one inside the Pink Cart, please. It’s scary, and someone could get hurt.

1) Open an account

You’ll need to register two accounts: Yahoo and Flickr (If you’re already a Yahoo user, use your existing account). You’ll quickly receive an email from Flickr that contains a link to your new account.

2) Join the Pink Cart Group

Open your new Flickr account page and follow the instructions for completing profile and password information. Then, locate “Groups,” one of the blue menu buttons in the top menu bar. Select “Find A Group” and enter “Pink Cart.”

Upload your Pink Cart photos to your Photostream (via your camera USB or your computer) and follow the Flickr instructions for saving and posting your photos.

3) Submitting the photo to a group

Click “Send to group” and choose The Pink Cart.

You can also email your photos to your Flickr account. You have a unique email address that you can use to add your photos to your Flickr photostream or to upload photos to your Flickr photostream and automatically post them to your blog.

If you have questions, check or for help.

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