The Pink Cart Blog

The Pink Cart Blog

Pink is so "Obvious"

It is starting to feel like spring is in the air in Michigan. I pulled onto our street after work and noticed all the PINK carts at the end of the driveways sitting pretty waiting to be picked up by our friendly trash collector in the morning. The carts are out every Tuesday evening but usually they are buried in a snowbank or covered by darkness. This evening however was different, this evening they were obvious.

Snow Day!

The Pink Cart is snowed in today thanks to the blizzard that has already passed over much of the midwest. After all the shoveling we did this morning, we found ourselves with not much to do except bundle up and stay warm. Then we started thinking...wait a minute! There's a lot we, and YOU, can do to support The Pink Cart on your snow day.

Reduce Your Breast Cancer Risk

We hear so many stories of women and men who are fighting or have survived breast cancer, we hear stories of rare cases of the disease, people beating unbelievable odds, and sadly people who lose the battle. Out of the hundreds and thousands of stories we hear, they all have one thing in common - they already have the disease. The fight against breast cancer aims to improve treatments, increase cases of early detection, and ultimately find a cure and its long-term goal is to create a world without breast cancer.

Resolve to Give Back

2010 is almost over! Tomorrow is New Years Eve and many of you are finalizing plans, finding outfits, and looking forward to toasts at midnight. Lots of people have traditions of going out, cooking big meals, or watching the ball drop. There's another New Years tradition many of us partake in - the New Years Resolution.

We're Thankful for Pink Trash Carts

Thanksgiving is the day when everyone is supposed to gather together with family, friends and the people who mean the most to them to express their "thanks" for all the wonderful things in their lives. Sometimes people take turns telling everyone what they're thankful for and the list usually includes family members, their job, pets, and their health. This year, we're adding something different to the mix. When it's our turn, you can bet that every member of The Pink Cart team is going to say "We're thankful for Pink Trash Carts!"

Stay Pink All Year Long

October was a big month for Pink. Breast Cancer Awareness month this year featured pink ribbons and donation programs tied to everything imaginable - from cat food to diapers, to the NFL. The overwhelming amount of Pink shows us how passionate people are about raising awareness about breast health and breast cancer risks. And we on the Pink Cart team felt the love!

The Pink Cart Rolls into Select Meijer Stores

Mom went to Meijer to buy a Pink Cart!

The bright pink rolling trash cart that has captured the hearts of online shoppers has gone retail! Yes, you can still get Pink Carts through local haulers, distributors, but some of you can also simply go to your nearby Meijer and buy a 64-gallon Pink Cart along with a gallon of milk or a couple cans of paint.

The 64-gallon Pink Cart can be found at these Meijer stores.

10K on 10-10-10

Can we reach 10K by 10-10-10? Please do it for Pink Cart and me!

What’s special about 10-10-10, other than numerical symmetry? It’s the day Cascade Cart Solutions hopes to have 10,000 Facebook friends for Pink Cart! Can we do it? Yes we can, but we need your help!

10-10-10 is also my birthday. Want to get me something very special? Become a Pink Cart fan on Facebook or ask some of your FB friends to become fans. The more people who understand the importance of increasing breast cancer awareness, the faster we’ll get there!

Sherrie's Story - Too Many Women

My name is Sherrie Bothee, and breast cancer has influenced my life a great deal. In fact, it has changed my life.

In 2004, I walked a 3-day Avon walk from San Jose to San Francisco. I did this with my best friend, her sisters and mom. We did this to honor her mom who is a survivor and doing great! This was the most difficult thing I have ever done in my entire life. We walked 60 miles in three days. The experience at the finish line was extremely moving, and it was incredibly rewarding. It was worth every step.

The Pink Cart is Filling Up!

It wasn’t that long ago that the first Pink Cart rolling trash can appeared on a curb and people stopped and said, “What’s THAT all about?” Now there are over 10K Pink Carts on curbs across the nation and thousands of people are discovering how easy it is help fund the breast cancer awareness work of the American Cancer Society® (ACS) and make a bold statement about their commitment.

Brenda's Story - A True Inspiration

My sister was 40 years old when she got breast cancer. She was a strong person, perhaps the strongest I know. She lived for about one year after we found out. Our world would never be the same; she suffered so much. During her last year of life she had many surgeries including brain surgery but it had spread all through her body by the end. She fought hard though. She told me once that everything she went through was worth it if she got just one more day with her family. She left behind not only one brother and three sisters, but a parent, five children, and a grandchild.

Hope and Joy have crept in to co-occupy the space

Hello Friends,

Well today is September 1st and the 24th anniversary of my Mum passing from breast cancer and even though my heart is heavy on this day for the first time ever I think hope and joy have crept in to co-occupy the space. Today also marks one year since we started The Pink Cart. This was the year that my path became clear and I was blessed with an opportunity to collide my personal life and my career with the desire to help Kick Breast Cancer to the Curb.

Andrea's Story

My name is Andrea Harris and I am 44 years old.  In October of 2009, the great love of my life asked me to be his wife.

In May of 2010, I found a lump in my left breast.  I knew something was seriously wrong when the sonogram technician kept rolling over the site of the lump asking me over and over, "So breast cancer does NOT run in your family?"

Cheryl's Story

My name is Cheryl Rodriguez, I am 43 years old. I became a cancer survivor on December 24, 2008. On December 8, 2008 I had my yearly exam and my doctor reminded me to schedule my mammogram, so I dutifully did so for December 10th. On the 11th I received a phone call from the hospital stating there were areas of concern on my left side and I needed to return for a second scan. By the 15th I was instructed that I needed a biopsy and one could be scheduled after the first of the year.

Phyllis' Story - "A Journey of Faith and Support"

In June of 2008 I went for my annual mammogram, and as usual I had to go back for further testing. I didn’t think anything of it. Then I got the call that I needed to see a surgeon for a biopsy. I still wasn’t worried; I'd gone through this once before. This time was different. The biopsy came back cancerous. Throughout this journey there was rarely an easy decision to be made. My test results were usually borderline between two options. I went for second opinions and prayed that the doctors who examined me would have their eyes open and provide a clear path.

Danielle's Story


My name is Danielle Horner. I am a 37 year old mother of 4 from Brookfield, WI. Ten years ago, while pregnant with my second daughter, my mother was diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer. The oldest of 3 children, I reacted emotionally but quickly composed myself and began to show support and encouragement for both my mom and younger siblings. My mom went through a lumpectomy, chemo, and radiation and seemed to be on the road to recovery.

Celebrate Freedom with a Pink Trash Can.

Independence is a wonderful feeling, one we’ll celebrate for the 234th time on July 4. It’s a birthday of sorts, and the gift is freedom. While the cake may be strawberry shortcake, apple pie or fresh watermelon, the candles are always sparklers that light up a night punctuated by the sounds of John Philip Sousa and blossoming fireworks over the lakes and across the baseball fields.

Jen's Story - Meet NED

I need to admit something. There’s someone else in my life besides Jeremy my husband. His name is NED. I met NED right around the time they removed my breasts. In fact, it was my surgeon who introduced me to NED. She was ecstatic, she thought we’d be a hit from the very start. And she was right, I liked him. He was handsome and clean. I like clean. At first I felt really relieved to meet NED. I had this image in my mind of what NED would be like, perfect actually…. absolutely perfect. I figured NED and I could go on living together and we’d be one big happy family.

Sandy's Story - 24 year Breast Cancer Survivor and The Pink Cart

When Pink Carts first started rolling off the presses, there were a handful of people we knew had to have one right away. They were our friends and family, survivors and caregivers. They shared their excitement and their pictures with us, happy to be involved in raising awareness and funding to fight breast cancer. Among these many supporters was Sandy, a 24-year breast cancer survivor. When we delivered her Pink Cart to her home, she offered us a cup of tea and her story.

Roll a Pink Cart from spring into summer.

Summer hasn’t yet arrived on the calendar but nesting birds, sprouting dandelions and the sound of kids chasing each other through the neighborhood mean that it’s time to get out and enjoy the great outdoors!

This summer bring something new to your outdoor living – the Pink Cart, the bright pink rolling trash can and all purpose carts that are proving to be quite helpful around the house, garage, yard, campsite and beach.

What can you do with a Pink Cart?

Reflections on being a mother and a daughter on Mother’s Day.

This Mother’s Day weekend is particularly special for me as I reflect on the first half of my life spent with my mother and the second half of my life spent with my daughter. At this point it is almost a perfect divide in time and I am awed by the positive influence both strong women have had on the person I am today.

Survivors, Fighters and Supporters help make the Pink Cart a big success at Waste Expo

This week, Pink Cart made its debut at Waste Expo in Atlanta, Georgia. The Expo is one of the largest tradeshows in the waste management and recycling industry, and we were inundated with questions from hundreds of attendees and exhibitors wanting to know how to get the Pink Cart. Our Pink booth became a place for people to pair their personal experiences of breast cancer with their professional lives, and we were humbled by the stories they shared with us.

We are survivors

Roll a Pink Cart across your lawn.

There are few things more colorful than a spring lawn – green, used to be green, yellow, and pink. As you prepare your yard for the warmer months, raking up the dead grass and fall leaves, and hunting down the dandelions that sprout whenever you turn your back, your best companion is a Pink Cart – the rolling pink trash can that’s at its best when it’s working hard. You’ll find that it’s the perfect place for yard waste, tree clippings, garden mulch – even as a place to store your long-handled yards tools during this busy season.